The all-in-one digital wellness solution for you and your family.

TechBear Online gives you the tools to help develop healthy digital habits on all your devices.

Protect against exposure to pornography and other harmful content, control time spent on devices, improve online privacy, and choose a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

We provide a customized plan for each family member, so everyone gets the support they need.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your family’s screentime is safe and balanced on all their devices.

Our services

Filter content

Block pornography, and restrict access to other harmful websites and apps.

Set time limits

Are you spending too much time on devices? Do you find yourself losing track of time while scrolling, websurfing, chatting, gaming or streaming?
Control the time spent on your devices with time limit setting on your devices or apps.

Monitor activity

Do you know how you are spending your device time? What apps or websites are you spending most time on? Receive real time reports that help monitor your online activity.

Device location

Have the peace of mind knowing your loved one's location using GPS tracking through their devices.

Reports, alerts and SOS

Be notified when harmful content has been blocked and if a loved one is in trouble through a SOS alert.

Facilitated family discussion

Is your family being negatively affected by device usage? Are you feeling less connected because devices are getting in the way?
Facilitated family discussion with a counsellor can help to establish a healthy device culture in your home by including all members of the family in the decision process.

Addiction recovery support

Feel safe using your devices in a healthy way without the fear of accessing harmful content or engaging in damaging activities. Digital addictions like pornography, social-media, gaming, streaming or browsing can take over your life. Our addiction recovery support can help you find freedom from your online battles.

Digital wellness presentations

Encourage your school, college, faith community or business to improve their digital wellness with an in-person or online digital wellness presentation or webinar.

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Devices that we work on.


We have solutions for both Android and iPhones systems.


We have solutions for both Windows and Apple iOS systems.

Smart TVs

Smart TV's have custom settings according to their manufacturer. We will research the settings for your make and model.


We have solutions for both Windows and Apple iOS systems.

Gaming consoles

We can help with PS4 and PS5, Xbox and Nintendo switch consoles.

*Please note that while operating systems might be similar, some devices may take longer to setup because of the interfacing of built in settings and the software used.

**We cannot guarantee that all devices will have security settings or interface with the tools we use, but we will certainly search for a solution for you.


Device management setup: from *R600 per device.

  • In-person or remote setup.
  • Management app training.
  • 14 days free technical support.

Addiction recovery support: From R170 per month. Assistance available from Monday to Friday 09h00 to 17h00 GMT+2.

Facilitated family discussion:  R500 per hour with a Digital Wellness Consultant.

Family Discussion Parent’s Guide: R60 for a Pdf copy.

Digital-wellness presentations: Webinar or in-person presentation from R2000.

*T&Cs apply.

Facilitated Family Discussion

How does your device usage support or erode your family values? 

How can you cross the generational digital divide?

What significance do your devices have for each family member and how does that affect your relational, physical and mental wellbeing?

What is needed to reach a mutually agreed upon Family Device Management Agreement? 

Some of these conversations are best held with a 3rd party facilitator, ensuring that all voices are heard, and those tough topics are addressed.  

Mark Russell is a Digital Wellness Consultant at TechBear Online and is available to facilitate a discussion in your home with your family. 

Click here to book a family discussion.

Family Discussion Parent's Guide

How do you develop a device management culture in your home?

How do you approach difficult discussion topics?

What topics and questions should you consider?

What does a Family Device Management Agreement look like?

Our Family Discussion Parent’s Guide covers all these concerns and more. 

Click here to order your Pdf copy for only R60

Frequently asked questions

Most of us can do a lot of DIY tasks but still chose to call out a handyman, plumber or electrician to do the job. because we know it will be done well. The same is true for Device Management Applications and Settings.

Installing and applying settings can be a very time-consuming exercise and devices interface differently with apps and software resulting in trouble shooting issue later on.

TechBear Online has the knowledge through experience and research to take the headache out of the process. We tailor your solution according to your requirements and educate you in how to use the applications effectively.

To book a consultation or to request a device setup click here.

TechBear Online is not primarily a tech company, we are a people focused service. Our aim is to encourage general wellness and not just applying an application to your device but rather to tailor a solution according to your needs.

This means that we consider who is in your family or home, what devices they use, how they use them and what do they use them for. We seek to understand the relational dynamics that are affected by device usage.

Our support extends beyond your device through our service partners.

We also understand the journey and struggle of overcoming digital and device addiction from personal experience.

To book a consultation or to request a device setup click here.

The simple answer is no, we do not have remote access to your devices or your data. 

Protection of client data and information is critically important to us.

In the case of family device setups, you submit any pins or security passwords. Once we have done the installation and walk away we can’t access your devices at all.

With our Addiction Recovery Support service we can remotely adjust certain permission settings which is done on your request through the Device Management Application Dashboard. We do not have access to the data on your devices nor can we access any other apps or use your device apps or programs.

When performing a remote setup, we may use apps such as AnyDesk or Team Viewer. These programs only allow access with permission for an allocated and supervised time. Once the setup is complete and the desktop sharing application is closed, we have no access to your devices.

To book a consultation or to request a device setup click here.

We highly advise against this option as it can often have a negative impact on a relationship. When a spouse/partner is playing the role of monitoring or policing device usage it can break trust and introduces a power dynamic that is unhelpful to healing hurt relationships. 

Rather make use of a trusted 3rd party like TechBear Online. 

To book a consultation or to request a device setup click here.

Most devices can be setup remotely using desktop sharing applications like Team Viewer or Anydesk. This means that we can help you anywhere in the world, taking time zones, language and internet connections into account.

We currently serve clients in South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom (UK),.

However gaming consoles and smart televisions mostly need to be done in-person.

To book a consultation or to request a device setup click here.

We are able to work across a wide range of devices and operating systems. Some devices will require activating their own management settings while others can be managed from a central system.

To book a consultation or to request a device setup click here.

We can’t gaurentee 100% effectiveness but pretty close to it. The creativity and ingenuity of the tech world means that people will try to find loopholes in systems.

When we become aware of a loophole, we find a solution and apply this knowledge to improve the security of all setups.

To book a consultation or to request a device setup click here

The tension between privacy of devices and being protective and loving parents depends on your digital device culture within your family.

Understanding and respecting levels of privacy while practicing healthy digital habits can addressed through a Facilitated Family Guidance Discussion or through establishing a family device agreement of agreed upon values and protocols.  

To book a Facilitated Family Discussion click here.

Embracing a healthier device culture means that all members of the family need to be included. 

Understanding generational relationships with devices and what those devices are used for are critical in developing a mutually agreed upon culture and in setting device protocols for your home.

These conversations can be incredibly stressful and cause relational tensions if not done sensitively. For this reason, we recommend a Facilitated Family Discussion session with a professional counsellor/therapist.

If you need this service for your family click here. 


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TechBear Online was recently featured on Maroela Media's "Rianette en die Internet" podcast on protecting your children against exposure to internet pornography and what to do when they have been exposed to internet porn. Click on the image above to hear the interview.

CCFM Eben Debbes' Show

We joined Eben Debbes on his 11 March show , to discuss the impacts of screentime on our general wellness and especially focused on offering hope to people struggling with online addictions like pornography, gambling and social media.

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