How do you understand addiction?

How do you understand addiction?
Would you consider that you may have an addiction?
What could that addictive behaviour be?
What are the consequences for yourself and those around you as a result of the coping mechanisms you use to escape from stress or pain?
Does your behaviour result in neglecting people, responsibilities or your health.
Does your behaviour result in isolation from others?
What does your behaviour do for you or how does it serve you?

Dr. Gabor Mate’ defines addiction as: “Any behaviour that a person finds relief and therefore craves in the short term, but suffers negative consequences in the long term and does not give up despite the negative consequences.”

Many of our addictions are masked as coping mechanisms and may be acceptable but still have negative consequences either now or later.

It may be helpful to ask your family members or closest friends (people you trust) to identify any behaviours that have negatively affected your relationship with them.

Some subtle addictions or behaviours that you should consider:
People pleasing
No boundaries
Isolating boundaries
Exercise (time and obsession)

The list is endless and not limited to drugs, sex, food, gambling and gaming.


If you have an internet-based addiction and need help click here.

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