Internet addiction checklist

If you answer yes to any of these questions you may have an internet addiction.
The nature of the content may vary from social media, pornography, shopping, gambling, gaming or streaming, the point is you may need help to manage your internet activity.
1. Do you compulsively look at your phone?
2. Do you frequently look at your social media apps despite having recently checked them for updates?
3. Do you lose track of time when on your device/phone or laptop?
4. Does your non-work related internet activity interfere with your regular daily activities and responsibilities?
5. Do you become anxious when you have been offline for a while?
6. Do you become stressed when you have not connected through social media, been on your game, viewed porn, placed a bet or bought something online?
7. Do you become stressed when connectivity is interrupted?
8. Do you check social media while at work?
9. Do you hide any of your internet activity?
10. Do you look at a screen more than your family members?
11. Do you become angry when you are called away from your device?
12. Do you struggle to sleep?
13. Do you look at your phone the moment you wake up or as the last action before going to sleep?
14. Do you use the internet as an escape from your reality?
15. Do you prefer your online persona to your actual real persona?
16. Do you use your internet activity as a way to cope with stress?
If you need help with managing your internet behavior, contact us at and we can help you be healthier online.

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