Family Device Management Solutions

Have you ever asked the question "How do I protect my family online?" or "How do I manage the time my children spend on their devices?" You may feel overwhelmed by all the different devices and wondered, "Where do I start and what do I do?" Complete the booking form by clicking the button below and let us remove the stress of the process.

Addiction Recovery Support

If you or a loved one has a digital addiction and want to find freedom, we can help. With our daily dependance on devices for work, education, entertainment and communication it can be very difficult to be victorious in the struggle without better device management. We can give you the digital tools to improve your device usage and general health as well as connect you with one of our addiction specialist counselors. Complete the booking form by clicking the button below and start your journey to freedom.

Facilitated Family Discussion

Are your family relationships suffering because of unhealthy device activity? Do you struggle to speak about this with your children? Do you miss the world before devices? It may help to have a 3rd party professional counselor to help guide the discussion with your family. Click on the button below and improve the general health of your family.

Digital Wellness Presentation

We are all affected by the impact of devices and the internet, and sometimes in ways that you would not realize. Arrange a Digital Wellness Presentation for your school, business, faith community (church, mosque, synagogue etc) or a group of friends that want to improve their digital health.

We cover:
1. Proactive parenting in a digital world
2. Pornography
3. Gaming
4. Cyber-bullying
5. Social-media
6. The social, physical and psychological impacts of unhealthy device habits and what you can do about them.

Or we can tailor a presentation according to your requirements. Click the link below and book your presentation now.

Email us via the form below or at with any other queries.