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The journey to digital wellness and recovery from online addictions is not something that is achieved purely from putting restrictions on your device. We have a wonderful network of people that can help in their professional capacity to journey you to better health.


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“Hey you!

I’m Lori, a licensed clinical therapist (MSocSc UCT) specialising in clinical practice.

I specialise in helping individuals overcome a wide range of mental health challenges, traumarelationship with food and bodyanxiety and stress, including grief and losspostpartum and motherhood stressors as well as digital wellness.

I work using a Psychodynamic Therapy Approach as well as incorporating Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT). The objective of psychodynamic therapy is client self-awareness and gaining an understanding of the influence of the past on present behaviour. The goal of CBT is to reduce symptoms of various mental health conditions. Let’s work together where I will help you to gain more awareness into your thinking, your core beliefs and emotions that lie beneath. I will equip you with tools unique to your process to facilitate the shift that you so deeply desire.”


I’m Jason, a husband, a father, a brother, a son, an uncle and a friend who is passionate about helping and equipping my fellow South Africans to work through, and better manage, their various issues or problems.

I am an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys trail running, kayak fishing, rock climbing, hiking and camping.

After matriculating I worked as a youth specialist, teaching life skills to adolescents and counselling at Options Pregnancy Centre.

I got married and worked for several years in the rope access industry offshore, during which time I lost my first wife to cancer. I returned to Cape Town, remarried and began to study a degree in theology through North West University at the Bible Institute of South Africa in Kalk Bay. Once completed, I then studied a diploma in counselling and communication at the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP).”

“Corrie Davidson is a Cape Town based therapist and has been working in the field of addiction, co-dependency and trauma on both an in-patient and out-patient basis since 1982. She is involved with supervision and consultation at various treatment centres.

In recent years her focus has shifted to cater for the growing need for treatment of people suffering from sexual compulsions. 

She obtained a Master degree in Clinical Social Work at the University of Cape Town. Corrie was also the first Certified Sex Addictions Therapist (CSAT) registered with the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) in South Africa . She trained under Dr Patrick Carnes and Dr Ken Adams in the United States. Currently she is one of the two such qualified therapists in the country. 

Corrie runs a broad-based service providing individual, couples, family and group therapy. She believes in providing a comprehensive service, as such, in addition to structured therapy, she also provides unstructured therapy such as Play Therapy and Support Groups (such as bi-polar and depression groups and other special focused groups).

Corrie is also a Certified Biodanza® Facilitator. Biodanza is a powerful method for integration and transformation, which is available as an additional resource for her clients to access. “

“Whatever your struggles with addictions or compulsive behaviours, I can help you. I know what it is like to suffer the ravages of addiction. My own personal recovery from various addictions started in 1996, and continues to this day. The more I know, the less I know, and I am continuously humbled by life, and the ongoing struggles we all face, both personal and spiritual. I understand at a deep level the shame of addiction, and the grace of recovery. Every day I strive to apply my learning from my experience, to help others on their journey to recovery. I came to the healing professions in the second half of my life, after a career in the financial services sector. I’ve received feedback from clients on my natural enthusiasm, my eclectic approach to counselling and my broad life and indeed recovery experience. I have assisted many people on their road to healing and recovery.

I am a specialist addiction, family and couples therapist who is known for creating a safe, nurturing space for clients on their recovery journey. Since 2009 I have worked with groups, families and individuals offering therapy and support with substance abuse, compulsive sexual disorders, sex and love addictions and co-dependency struggles. Before that I spent 9 years at various addiction treatment centres in Cape Town, SA.  I conduct confidential assessments and interventions for individuals and family members struggling with substance abuse or other compulsive behaviours. I also regularly present talks & lectures on various aspects of addiction and recovery for individuals in the helping professions, schools or companies.

In 2016, (after a journey of 9 years), I completed my Bachelor of Social Work degree through the University of South Africa, majoring in psychology and social work. I’m also a husband, and father of two. My wife and children continue to teach me and keep me humble, and remind me of what is really important.

There is a solution! There is a way out. I offer individual face to face counselling in Cape Town, and am available for Skype counselling for persons outside of Cape Town.”

“The aim of the The Family Counselling Centre is to encourage and facilitate healthy relationships by offering support to individuals and families who are struggling to cope with life’s challenges.

We aim to offer you a safe space to work through issues, and become empowered to find solutions and alternatives.

The Family Counselling Centre was founded in response to the overwhelming need for affordable, professional counselling in the South Peninsula. Families are struggling with the effects of divorce, financial strain, drug and alcohol abuse, trauma and disability.

The variety of cultures in the Deep South, the economic climate, together with the ever increasing pressures of school and work, are also impacting negatively on individuals and families. School counsellors are struggling to keep up with the increasing need for support due to the social, behavioural and academic struggles of our children and teens.

Our Vision is to be a “Centre” within the community of the South Peninsula which provides a variety of affordable, professional services to families, couples and individuals.

Although our Centre values are based on a Christian ethos, we welcome clients from all races, religions and walks of life. We strive to provide a service of excellence, with counsellors who are qualified, competent and caring.

Clients are never turned away if they cannot afford the full fee, but are offered a reduced fee. We believe in giving back to the community by volunteering our time and skills at our very own Donation Based Counselling Clinic.


Standing Together to Oppose Pornography (S.T.O.P.) is a non-profit group of volunteers formed in response to the proliferation and harm of pornography in our society.

S.T.O.P is both engaged in public education of the dangers of pornography as well as facilitating support groups for those in recovery from pornography addiction.


Disclaimer: Most of these support groups do not endorse or have formal relationships with outside organizations in order to avoid contraversies. 

Where we do not have a formal relationship, TechBear Online endorses the groups on the principles of their constitutions.


FYI play it safe

FYI play it safe’s mission is to monitor the content of children’s online communication and other online activity to provide pro-active alerts to parents or guardians of potential signs of cyberbullying, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, online predators, or when they engage in adult content.

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SaveTNet Cyber Safety aims to save lives by creating awareness for responsible digital engagement. We do this by offering a network of support through partners and SaveTNet Cyber Safety is the first point of reference for people who need cyber safety information or help in this way. 

SafeTNet Cyber Safety also helps to fight the dark side of the qeb by adding support to the group who is fighting digital pornography, human trafficking, sexual grooming and other related issues.

Firewalla Cybersecurity Firewall for your home and business

Firewalla provides cybersecurity and parental controls from a router level.

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