School servers, cyber safety and protecting our children.

When sending our children to school, we entrust them into the care and safety of that school. We trust the school for their physical, emotional and cyber safety. We trust that the school’s server and Wi-Fi will be protected from inappropriate content. And in most cases this trust is well placed. Schools have done well to protect the users on their campuses. But their protection only runs as far as their sphere of control, their own internet service and devices that the school provides. Beyond that, schools cannot take responsibility for what the learners access on their personal devices (primarily phones) by using their own data. The responsibility of protecting personal devices and developing healthy internet usage belongs to parents or care-givers.

Like the school has their sphere of control, our children’s devices are in our sphere of control as parents. What we have no control over, are the devices of their peers. This is where many children are being exposed to inappropriate material. As parents we need to equip our children in values we hold to as a family. We need to equip them in what to do if their friends try to show them something that conflicts with those values. How do they take a stand for what they believe in? How do they positively influence their friends without becoming judgmental? Who can you speak to if they share that they have seen something that they shouldn’t have? Are you safe for them to share that with?   The values that we instill in our children for life need to include the realm of cyberspace and the place that cyberspace meets reality. We can’t hide our children from the world, so how do we prepare them for it?

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